Vision & mission

Vision #

Evangelical church that reaches people from different cultures and races through Christian Indonesian community.

Mission #

God calls Indonesian and Multicultural Church to live as family of God, walking with Jesus Christ in life, as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit in worship and fellowship to minister God’s healing and hope to each other and to the world.

Statement of faith #

Besides professing and affirming our faith together each Sunday as stated in the Apostle’s Creed, IMC also believe in the following:

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God, our authority in matters of faith and practice. It is the unchanging truth, the foundation of our belief, a lamp for our life’s paths.
  • Everyone in this world has sinned and lost the glory of God.
  • By the grace of God, Jesus Christ has given Himself to be the atonement of sins for all people in this world by his suffering and death on the cross. Jesus has fulfilled the requirement of the Law. The Lord Jesus can save us from the punishment of sins and be our personal Saviour and Lord.
  • Whoever repents and believes in the Lord Jesus, his/her sins are forgiven. S/he is considered a righteous person.
  • We are saved only through God’s grace, not because of our acts and thoughts.
  • We’re justified by faith in Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. God’s grace to save and renew life remains the same for children.
  • All believers in Jesus Christ are baptised, including children to fulfil Jesus’ Great Commission before He was taken up into heaven.
  • Each Christian should follow Jesus Christ’s example, follow God’s will and guidance as stated in the Bible, pursue holiness, win other people for Christ, bear fruit for Christ, and glorify God.
  • We believe in the important role of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily walk of life.
  • Christians should humble themselves to pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, honestly and sincerely acknowledging our sins, thanking and praising God, also asking for God’s help, guidance or protection for ourselves and others.